A Walk On The Beach

Adib Noh
2 min readFeb 23, 2022
Walking alone at Pantai Irama, Bachok, Malaysia

Every time, I go back to my home town, I will never miss walking along the beach either with my late mother, my wife or alone. When my mother was alive, I love to take her to the beach and walk along with her. She died two years ago. During the walk, she told me old stories that we used to come bathing in the seawater and had picnics on the beach. In the early ’60s, there were no shops and restaurants nearby. Every family had to bring their own food and drinks.

Walking alone along the beach is one form of meditation in motion. I also do meditation in motion on my bicycle when I ride alone into the Wetlands.

When I walk alone on the beach. I could feel the winds, see and hear the trains of waves moving endlessly to the shore and tastes the salty air hitting my face. Along every step of my walk, showers of memories keep falling on my head.

I am now in my late ’60s. A lot of my childhood memories comes to me like watching a slide shows in a seminar room.I see each slide and ponder on my past life.It is a great time to think and reflect. Although my feet keep walking on the beach but my thoughts and feelings are immersed and engaged with each slide of memories. It transverses space and time.

My mother passed on two years ago. Every time I walk on this beach, I feel like I was walking with her. When I was a kid my mother walked on this beach with me. When she was in her ’70s I walked with her and shared old and new stories.

Walking along the beach also provoked my mind and soul to ponder on the God’s creation of this planet and the whole universe. And that would be in another story.



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