Celebrating Eid Fitr 1443

Adib Noh
2 min readMay 4, 2022

In Malaysia we Muslims started fasting during Ramadan on the 3rd of April 2022 for 29 days. We celebrated Eid on the 2nd of May 2022. Most of us assumed the Eid will be on the 3rd of May 2022 but it came one day earlier that the anticipated. A few called it a Snap Eid.

The lunar Muslim calendar is either 29 days or 30 days for each month. For normal times, we use the calculation to determine the date of the beginning of each month. But when it comes to special dates to perform fasting or celebration the dates need to be confirmed by the actual moon sighting(rukyah).

As a Muslim, I have been fasting since I was a 10-year old kid. Now I am 69 years old grandfather of seven kids. When I was a kid, the celebration is about wearing a new shirt, pants and shoes, including playing games and plenty of food and drinks. As I grow older into a senior citizen, my views, thoughts and meaning of celebration changed from the physical to intellectual and spiritual.

From my perspective, the celebration began on the first day of Ramadan when we started our fasting by obeying the command of Allah to fast for the whole month of Ramadan. This command is obeyed by most of the 1.6 billion Muslims and Muslimahs all over the world. No King and President of any country in the world can get their citizen to obey such a command. It is a willing submission to the command of Allah. First Ramadan is the first day of The Festival of Ibadah(worship). Eid Day is the climax of The Festival in following and submitting oneself to the Command of Allah, The Lord of All the Worlds-Seen and Unseen, known and unknowns.

Eid begins with the recitations of the praises to Allah and prayer at the mosque. After the special prayer Solat Eidil Fitri, we gather at home among family members and eat together. It is a victory celebration that we managed to fast for one month for the sake of Allah. It is returning to our fitrah- our true selves with taqwa. Insya Allah.

The celebration is more meaningful and beneficial for Muslims and Muslimahs who indulge themselves in doing ibadah every day like reciting the Quran, sedakah(charity), zikr and prayers especially the tarawih prayers at night where the doers are rewarded many folds. Ramadan is the month of Barakah.

To my fellow Muslims and Muslimahs, wishing you Eid Mubarak and may Allah accept all you ibadah in this blessed month of Ramadan 1443H.



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