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First, let me welcome a VIP Brompton rider to The Fold of My Brompton Malaysia (MBM).He is Dato’ Seri Dr Ir Zaini Ujang. Herewith I am sharing the photos of the MBM members going for a picnic at Presint 10, Putrajaya.Since I love both cycling and photography, I self-appointed myself to be the group photographer.

With baskets full of sandwiches, cakes, and drinks I cannot wait for the next pitstop to get all the foods and drinks to be shared. I also brought along my own food and drink.

The Brompton Riders are ready to go. Before we pedal off, the first thing that we usually do is to take group photos. Currently, I estimate at least there are more than 3000 Brompton riders in Malaysia and more and more people are buying Brompton bicycles. There is a current shortage and the waiting time to order a Brompton is about four months. Before the pandemic COVID-19, the normal price was RM7500. Now the asking price is about RM12,000. Last month a person offered to buy my ten-year-old Brompton RM6,000. I bought it for RM4,000 in 2011.

I got my Brompton on 29/9/2011 just a day before my 59th birthday. The next day, we have a ride together with a few friends who bought Brompton bicycles much earlier than me. My group Putrajaya Riders Club is open to all types of bicycles. What is more important is we cycle and enjoy our cycling together. And later we eat and drink together. It is more than cycling; it is more a social events for most of us.

The photo shown is my Brompton and I under a beautiful bridge in Putrajaya
My Brompton and I

As more and more people started to buy and ride Brompton, a few of my friends formed MBM and I joined the group as an ordinary member. Personally, I prefer just to be riding with my friends, irrespective of their bicycle types and brands. Cycling is more important than the bicycle. However, when it comes to portability and involved travel by car or train or aeroplane, I must admit that Brompton is my top choice. However, for general purpose cycling, I prefer Batavus from Holland. If I were to go bike touring, then the American Surly will be my preferred choice.

Below is the photo of Umai Cafe where we meet before the ride and after the ride. It has a fantastic view of the lake on the left.

At times, we also do night rides. Here is my friend adjusting his bicycle chain.

Brompton is very British and only made in West London. It has its own cult. And being more than 40 years old, it has developed its own culture and riders set up Brompton Cycling Groups all over the world. Just like Mac computers back then.

Group photo with Muar Brompton Riders in Putrajaya



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