Is Postcard Dead?

Adib Noh
2 min readJan 16, 2022


The view of Masjid Jamek at the confluence of Klang River and Gombak River, Kuala Lumpur

Every time I go overseas, I will send postcards to my wife and children. Some airlines also give away free postcards and post them on our behalf. The last time I travelled to Amsterdam and London in May 2017, I don’t send postcards anymore to my family members and friends. Most of us snapped a photo and send it via Whatapps with a message. As a senior citizen who came from the Old School, I still prefer the old printed postcards. Old habits die hard.

Sunset in Putrajaya

As an avid photographer of Putrajaya, I have taken thousands of beautiful photos of Putrajaya-the new administrative centre of Malaysia. It is a city in a garden. The city is about 25 years old with a new well-planned layout, nicely landscaped and has many beautiful bridges and buildings. Being a professional civil and structural engineer, I really enjoy my indulgence in capturing the built environment.

Not only I could enjoy the magnificent architecture but I enjoy cycling around the wetlands of Putrajaya as shown below. Lately, the city embarking to attract more tourists to visit Putrajaya by upgrading the cycling lanes with modern pitstop facilities.

Wetlands in Putrajaya

In the last six months, I ponder on what I should do with my collection of postcard quality photos taken in Putrajaya. I see a lot of beautiful places that are not known and not seen by the public. How should I do it so that more people will see them and enjoy their beauty? And at the same time, I can make some money to upgrade my camera gears for my photography hobby.

Everyone will love to receive a paper postcard sent to them by their family members and friends. The BIG question: Who is going to buy a print postcard, write a note and get it posted?

I have a new idea. No matter what, people still buy books. Why not convert a collection of 101 photos into a book? Or may be into two books. Now I am working on it. For a start, I created an eBook of 64 photos of Putrajaya in black and white for sale online.



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