Morning glory…

Adib Noh
2 min readMay 7, 2022
Putrajaya Wetlands by Adib Noh

The morning light never fails to entertain me with the beauty of nature. As a Muslim, I wake up at 5 am to do my fajr prayer and I have ample time to get ready to go out for my morning walk or cycling. The warm and colourful morning light makes everything looks more beautiful.

Pantai Irama by Adib Noh

In our busy and hurried lives, we are too engrossed with our thoughts and worries to observe the beauty, either exposed or hidden along the roads we pass every day and the places wherever we are. We look but never see, we hear but never listen and we touch but never feel. What a waste of our given time but we were not present at the moment.

At night, Mother Nature sleeps and takes a rest. At dawn, the warm and glowing morning light wakes her up for a new day. Every living thing gets energised and activated. They all begin with a smile to us but most of us are still sleeping and wake up when the sun is 45º in the sky, especially on weekends. Sadly, most of us wake up to check the little screen on our smartphones and start reading and engaging with social media. Every one of us is given the opportunity to enjoy the morning glory but we choose not to.

Life is about the choices we make. And whatever decisions we make, we shall own the consequences of that decision.

By the way, I love to take photos of beautiful sceneries and moments during my morning walk or cycling. With a smartphone camera, I can take photos wherever I am. The selected good shots like the above I share with my friends online so that they know what they are missing.

The morning glory comes to us like water in a flowing river. If we don’t drink or take the water, the water will evaporate and flow to the sea. When it arrives at the sea, it becomes salty and we cannot drink that water any more.



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