My Magic Pen

I love to see great artwork. How I wish I can draw like great artists, but I know that is beyond me. I am an engineer by training. What I learned at school is only geometrical and engineering drawings. But I can do simple sketches. When I write in my journal, I also add some sketches to illustrate and document my story.

My sketches were not good enough for sharing on my blog or my Facebook. How I wish I have a Magic Pen that works like Harry Potter’s magic wand!

On the first of October 2021, I gathered all my courage in me to take the Lamy Malaysia Pen Sketch Challenge. Every day I sketched-good or bad is none of my concerns. I just want to complete the challenge- 31 sketches is a tall order. Every day, I drew what came to my mind. I did not know what to draw the following day. I just draw and accept what is the outcome.

After one week, my thought process became better.I learnt how to compose my sketch. After two weeks, my hand movements became lighter and faster. In the third week, I learned to add more details to my sketch. And finally, in the fourth week, I got the confidence to add colours to my pen sketch as shown below.

After 31 days of making daily sketches, whenever I hold my pen to sketch I got the feeling that my Lamy Pen is moving on its own. I just hold it and follow through. Now, I finally have My Magic Pen.



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Adib Noh

Adib Noh

Project & Business Consultant/Coach with more than 30 years of experience. I am an engineer,entrepreneur,writer and enjoy cycling and photography.