Photowalk in Kuala Lumpur

Adib Noh
3 min readJan 15, 2022


As an amateur photographer, I love to go shooting photos in the city.It is where I could observe the life in the city and try to capture life as it is happening in front of me. Let me share a note I wrote almost five years ago.

This is our first Photowalk for Putrajaya Photowalk Group this year -2017. Last year I organised three times but I also attended other photo walks organised by others. We kicked off at Masjid India, crossed the Jalan Tun Perak and explored areas around Pasar Seni. Sadly, Pasar Seni is only open from 10 am. We were here at about 9:30 am and missed the chance to explore Pasar Seni. However,I was very pleased to see colourful people around its vicinity.

Market, by its own nature, is full of the lively and colourful crowd as shown above. By the way, I love to shoot colourful umbrellas.

Two subjects that attract my interest when I walk in the city-the people and the buildings. Over the last 50 years, old buildings are fading away and more new buildings are coming up. Commercial considerations had taken over historical interests and significance. Such is life for many newly developed nations.

Are we building liveable cities in our countries? I have yet to see it in Malaysia. May be it will take another 50 years more..

Sadly, a few old buildings with grand designs are rotting away.

This Photowalk is a special one for me personally. I wanted to walk again the route I took from KTM KL Station to Wisma Waspada Restaurant near Wisma Yakin on 10.1.1965-the first time I arrived in KL on my way to SDAR, Tanjung Malim, Perak. From that day, I began to fall in love with train and railway stations.

New elevated walkaway from Pasar Seni to KTM KL Station

By 10 am, we arrived at KTM KL Station. One thing that nobody has changed here is the roofs and the steel trusses. It is the same since I first saw it on Sunday morning 10th January 1965.

I had a field day watching the coming and going of trains-not to mention capturing the people on the platforms. How I wish I could stay longer.May be another time, InsyaAllah.



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