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Adib Noh
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Architectural and Abstracts Photography

Our Putrajaya Photowalk Group is quite active lately. We have about 300 members and 200 of them are active in looking at the photos daily. However, only about 10% are active monthly contributors to the group archive of thousands of photos.

We shoot and we share. Every two or three months, we do Photowalk in KL or Putrajaya. We plan to go outstation or even overseas in the future. The next outstation Photowalk is Ipoh, Perak.

When I go out to shoot photos at a particular place, my eyes begin to see more things than when I was just passing through. Walking is the best way to see new and old places in detail. Slow walking will enable us to have more time to look at things as we walk. When something catches our attention, we can just stop and look closer. Many a time, we shall see more than we have seen before. In our haste, we miss the hidden beauty all along the journey of life,

Herewith I attached a few photos I took during one of my photo walks. Just look closer and see the beauty of their creation by architects and engineers.

Short Report on Putrajaya Photowalk

Architecture and Abstract-Sunday 10.9.2017

About a dozen showed their interest to join the walk. But only six managed to brace themselves against the rains that turned to drizzle. We began our walk at 8 am from Bulatan Masjid Putra and walked inside the bridge. Inside the bridge, we took some photos while waiting for the drizzle to fade away. Here, I asked Azul Adnan to show and teach me to take a portrait using natural light. From here, we walked along the corridors of Custom Complex and ventured to the back lane of the Ministry of Finance. It was a great joy to compose photos using various architectural features of the buildings.

From here, we crossed the road to take photos of Wisma Tulus and moved toward the Palace of Justice. On the way, we have a pleasant surprise watching hundreds of big bikers coming into the city centre for their group festivals. Most of us turned our cameras to shoot bikes not buildings.

From POJ, I led the group to explore Laman Qiblat and we went into the Masjid Besi. From Masjid Besi, we went down to see the new building-Kompleks Islam Putrajaya. After taking a few photos here, we walked back to Masjid Putra.



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