The Art of Seeing

Adib Noh
3 min readApr 6, 2022

It began on 16th June 2014…

The day that changed my life as an amateur photographer was when I attended a lecture given by the famous British Photographer. His specialisation is in Islamic architecture and culture. As a Muslim, he called him Abdul Al-Mussawir-the servant of Allah al Mussawir, The Flawless Shaper & Fashional of things created. Mr Peter Sanders is my guru on the art of seeing.

Peter Sander-Photo was taken by me in 2014

Herewith, I am sharing ten photos that demonstrate the art of seeing as I see them at various locations and times of the day in the last seven years.

The Morning Glory at Pantai Irama, Bachok, Malaysia

Indeed, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! We come across many things in our daily lives. Most things look ordinary and only a few are really beautiful. That is what most people are. However, there exists a small group of people who have the ability to see more beauty in their own daily lives. They manage to see the extraordinary components of ordinary things in their own ways. In short, they have beautiful eyes. It is not what they see, but more about how they see and feel. Everyone has two eyes but this group has a 3rd eye that makes them see what is not visually exposed.

Just study the above photo and the photo below. They just happened to be where I was with a camera. The moments like these are very rare-may be a chance in my lifetime. If I don’t have the camera, these images will be gone. At best, they remain in my memory. What is more important is I realised their presence and captured these moments beautifully. I hope I did.

Light from the window into my house.

Below are a few more photos that came out of my camera. These are what I saw and what I captured using my camera. I took each one of them for a different reason.

Harmony of men and nature.
Lighted Bridge at Putrajaya Wetlands
Multiple Arches t Masjid Besi, Putrajaya
Framing The Prime Minster’s Office of Malaysia
Surreal of Train at the Station Nu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur
Trails of light in ERT tracks in Kuala Lumpur
Looking for breakfast
Mother & Child by the lakeside of Putrajaya



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