The Power of Notebook

Adib Noh
3 min readApr 3, 2022


It is about paper notebooks and not computers.

It makes me write and it keeps me writing.

Starting this month April 2022, I am using a Moleskine notebook(almost A5 size). In the last three months, I used Giornale Notebook by Unicorn. As I get older, I prefer a more classic version of a notebook like Moleskine. The story has it that the famous writer Hemingway used the Moleskine notebook during his travels in Africa and Paris.

Giornale Notebook VS Moleskines Notebook

More than ten years ago, someone held a competition for Moleskine users to write something on why they chose to write using a Moleskine notebook. I sent the caption: It makes me write and it keeps me writing. After two weeks, I got a reply and won the prize- a Moleskine notebook. From that day onwards, I kept on buying Moleskines notebook to write my personal journal. My love affairs with the Moleskine notebook began in 2006 but after a decade, I have to change for two reasons. The first was the price has gone up by more than 50% and the quality was getting worse. I bought one copy last year because of the 70% discount on retail price.

Pages from Moleskines Notebook

The notebook on its own has no power. But when I started to download my thoughts and feelings into words every day, it becomes like a friend listening to me but saying nothing in return. The notebook is my Personal Journal. It contains my memory of that day that I may have forgotten after a few years and even a few weeks. As I get older into the ’60s, my memory starts to fade away and when I want to refer to something for any particular year, I can always go back to my old notebook and read the story again. When I first write my thoughts and feelings, it was me telling myself what to write. And now, when I go back to read, the written words are talking to me of the past. How I wish it can reads also my future.

Moleskines Notebooks-Hardcover and Softcover

I plan to write about twenty-four personal essays this year and convert them into a book. These old notebooks will provide a lot of information and personal stories of my past.

Since October 2021, I began to take a serious interest in sketching and watercolour colours. So, in the last six months, I bought a few sketching notebooks and watercolour notebooks. For pen sketching only, I can use 100 to 150gsm paper. However, if I want to add watercolours, I need 200gsm paper at least. It is recommended to use 300gsm paper for watercolouring. This 300gsm paper is very expensive for amateur artists like me. So, I use 200gsm paper.

My third use of a notebook is for writing business notes and stories. The notebook is usually 100gsm paper and I have a few sizes for different purposes.

Even in this age of high powered personal computers and smartphones, notebooks are still functional and relevenant. By the way, I wrote my first book long hand last year and got it published last month.



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