Why am I writing a book on project management?

Adib Noh
3 min readOct 8, 2023

With more than 45 years of engagement in project management(PM) at different levels and in different industries, I have acquired some knowledge and experience in managing projects where I can share my expertise with others. I can provide valuable insights, tips, guidance and best practice that can upgrade the practising project managers and the new aspiring young project managers to acquire the strong fundamentals in managing projects.

As an experienced project management consultant, I can share my personal experience and real-life examples to guide the readers to empower themselves to succeed in managing their current and future projects.

PM is a discipline of knowledge. It has its own methodologies, processes and body of knowledge. The modern PM started in the 60s of the last century. It has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 80 years. Many experienced and learned project managers took time and made efforts to share and contribute their knowledge as reflected in the many volumes of Project Management Body Of Knowledge(PMBOK) to version 7th now. PM tools generated from new technology have contributed a lot to improving project management. At the same time, the knowledge and wisdom from tacit knowledge need to be added from time to time by senior Project Managers via their talks, coaching, writing and podcasting. I have done more than 60 episodes on PM on Spotify. Just search for Simply Project

PMI has now more than one million members all over the world. If only 1% of them were to write about their knowledge and experience, the PMBOK would grow by leaps and bounds. The applications of knowledge will push the boundaries of project management. This augurs well for the rapidly expanding project economy worldwide.

By writing this book, others can learn a lot from my lessons and avoid the mistakes made. My best advice to younger Project Managers is to learn from other people’s mistakes. However, you cannot avoid making mistakes in the course of your working life. Making decisions involves risks. It is how you manage the risks of failure that matters.

Now, I am 70 years old. It is time that I write whatever knowledge and experience now so that the younger generation can learn and become better Project Managers. For me, it is part of my knowledge management practice and my personal legacy.

By writing this book, it will enhance my professional reputation, authority and credibility in the field of project management. It is good for business. My book will become a tangible representation of my knowledge, expertise and thought leadership to a wider audience This can lead to increased visibility, recognition and networking opportunities within the project management community.

The book is 50% completed. I stopped writing for almost one year. I need to write the above reasons/justification to keep writing and complete the book this year 2023.Insya Allah



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