Why do I want to write a book?

Adib Noh
3 min readJan 14, 2022

I have been writing blogs and notes on my Facebook in the last two decades. However, I have not written a complete book published or unpublished. These Movement Control Order days created by the unseen and scary COVID-19 have made me a prisoner in my own house. If Pak Hamka, who was imprisoned by Sukarno can write Tafseer Al Azhar, why can’t I write a small book on something as mundane as my experience cycling in Putrajaya in the last twelve years?

This question bugs me as I grow older. Time is not on my side. I have to leave a book, any book will do before I leave this world. That thought made me take some time to explore the world of writing. Since the beginning of last year, I started to learn what and how to write.

There is so much to learn from others. Learning by reading, watching and listening is an endless pursuit. The writing guru advised me to start writing. The only real and the right way to learn how to write is to write! At the age of 68 years old, I have read my books written by others. It is time that I have to write my own book.

Why do I want to write? I want to share my passion for cycling that gave me a lot of joy every weekend and at the same time, I gain health benefits while having fun pedalling around the nooks and corners of Putrajaya and around where I live. It also motivates me to stay active through cycling. As a senior citizen, I feel energetic and alive whenever I go cycling. Cycling can be enjoyed by the young and old-even kids love cycling.

What else? I want to sell this book to my target audience in Malaysia and the international market. Cycling is universal and has no racial and religious borders. Everyone can enjoy it alone or in groups. On the other hand, cycling gets people together, irrespective of whether you are rich or poor, white or black, man or woman. The common denominator is everyone sits on the saddle supported by two wheels. To keep moving, you have to pedal yourself.

My business writing strategy is to create a small success story on an ordinary subject so that I will be inspired and motivated to write on the bigger and complex subject matter. Everyone knows what is cycling. The difference and unique are my personal stories while cycling alone and a group either in Malaysia or Holland.

My book entitled The Joy Of Cycling in Putrajaya will be published in February 2022.



Adib Noh

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